A Letter to Andrew’s Dad on Father’s Day

I know how hard today is. I know you’re trying to hold it together. I know you are trying to push through this day, like you have every other day. But, I know this day is different. Today is your first Father’s Day without Andrew.

I know going through Facebook, seeing all the posts of fathers with their children isn’t easy. I know more than anything you want one more picture with your son. One more hug. One more smirk from his face. One more of everything.

I watch you support our family. I see you hugging us through our pain. I see you taking care of us. I see you wiping away my tears. I see you standing guard. I see you holding our family tight. I see you trying to stay strong.

I also see how much pain you are in. I see your daily struggle. I see your confusion. I see your heartache. I see your despair. I see your anger. I see you grieving the loss of your son.

But, I want you to know, today and everyday, I see what an amazing father you are. I see the joy dance in your eyes when you see Morgan and Ethan. I FEEL the love you shine onto us every moment of every day.

And more than anything, I want to make sure you understand what an amazing father you were to him. I want you to know Andrew’s love and celebration of you will continue on, forever.

Thank you for being our son’s best friend. Thank you for giving him a wonderful life. Thank you for being Flumper’s Dad.