Andrew Helping Others

In my grief and sadness from losing Andrew, I have felt this incredible tug to share his story and create more awareness about ADHD. The outpouring of support has been amazing. I’ve heard from so many parents who have thanked me and also shared Andrew’s story with their ADHD children.
Last month I got a message from a friend who has been so supportive and kind to me in the past six months.

“Thank you for sharing Andrew’s story. And for resharing as often as you do. I can’t imagine your pain and grief. But your posts remind me to be constantly vigilant with my own ADHD kid. And I worry that the house could burn down and she wouldn’t notice (she buries herself in books and hyper focuses on her reading). As a result of Andrew’s story, I am always going over safety precautions with her.

And today. Today the fire alarm went off (spoiler: all is ok). She let the dogs out of the house, took a phone and left the house to call me.
While these acts did not necessarily save her life this time (turns out it was something she was cooking in the toaster), I have just a wee bit more confidence that she does know what to do in an emergency.
And I suspect this is because at least twice a month, I’m asking what she’d do if the alarm went off. I didn’t start doing this so regularly until after you shared Andrew’s story.

So thank you, Christina for reminding me (and others) to talk to our kids about safety and making good choices and thinking before you act. I am sending you and your family love and light and I am forever grateful that you are brave enough to keep sharing Andrew’s story.”

I’m so proud of this child and her parents. Awareness. It’s all about awareness and safety. Keep your kids safe. Talk to them about Andrew. Share his story. Repeat it.

It was a very hard decision to share Andrew’s story with the public. In the days leading up to my original post, my biggest fear was retaliation and nasty comments from people. However, all I could think about was preventing something like this happening to another child. To another parent. To another family.

Andrew had such a big heart and cared for people. He always showed kindness. I picture him smiling at all of us today and sharing his kindness with whatever beauty you find in the world.